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Five Tips to Stop Hair Breakage

As we know, natural hair is prone to breakage, especially in its dry state. If you’re tired of picking hair balls out of your combs and brushes, this one is for you. I’ve rounded up five very important tips that can help you combat hair breakage.

Deep Condition Regularly

As I mentioned in my previous post, deep conditioning is an essential part of the wash day process. Deep conditioning reduces breakage and shedding by improving the hair’s elasticity and increasing hydration levels. Here are my three FAVORITE deep conditioners: Shea Moisture, Aunt Jackie’s, Garnier Whole Blends.

Ditch the Towel

Drying your hair with a towel is a recipe for disaster. The towel fibers are intended to absorb moisture from our bodies to help us dry off quicker. They do not have the same benefits for your hair. The rough fibers can cause single strand knots and breakage, while soaking all the wonderful products you’ve just applied in your hair. A great alternative to the towel is a regular cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel, though I personally prefer the t-shirt method.

Work in Sections

This one may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised that not many people implement this. Separating the hair into sections while washing, applying product or styling allows for you to have more control resulting in less tangles, reduces breakage and ensures each hair strand receives attention and care. Personally, I work with four sections and I use clips to hold the rest of the hair while I focus on each section.

Silk is your BEST friend!

Invest in a silk (or satin) scarf, bonnet or pillow to protect your hair while you’re sleeping. Silk is gentle on the hair and allows for reduced friction on your hair while you sleep. It is also non-absorbent so it won’t soak up the products, moisture and natural oils from your hair. I use a similar silk bonnet to this one.

Use a wide tooth comb

A wide tooth comb allows for effective detangling with minimal hair loss. Since ditching the brushes and small combs and switching to a wide tooth comb, I’ve noticed less breakage when I am detangling my hair. I use a comb similar to this one that I can hang in my shower.

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